Developing and prototyping a fastener design is an exciting and rewarding process but it is just the beginning, the next step in promoting your fastener patent is serial production followed by worldwide deliveries to a number of OEM and aftermarket companies. As a Tier 1 company, Auto Fasteners is your experienced partner in helping ramp up the serial production and tackling all of the following aspects of this step. There is always a significant need for innovations in this field but putting a new fastener design in serial production is not without its challenges. Here is how we can help.

Quality Control

You need to have a flawless production process, absolute quality and address any potential production issues momentarily. With such an approach, Auto Fasteners have gained an enormous amount of experience in quality control, production supervision, testing and inspecting the product, ensuring that every single fastener, regardless of how small it is, is produced according to OEM specifications. That is why we can help with primary production and make sure that it runs without any problems and according to schedule.

Labelling and Packaging

In modern industry, timely deliveries and correct labelling are essential in order to keep the production process on time. Due to the enormous amount of different fastener designs, one of the biggest dangers is incorrect labelling and packaging, which leads to confusion when the fasteners are delivered to the final customer. Even though it might seem like a small mistake, it is very costly and time-consuming since it could cripple the whole assembly line and cost OEM manufacturers a significant amount of money and time. We are very proud of our unique checking method. Every single fastener is accounted for, packed and properly labelled, which is extremely helpful not just for the final customer but also for tracking the packages and preparing for subsequent deliveries.

Mastering the serial production, perfecting the quality of the product and perfectly preparing it for delivery are crucial steps in streamlining the serial production process. However, administration and legal compliance are essential for success. Auto Fasteners has vast experience in all legal matters due to the share volume of our operation and decades of successful work. The legal aspect might be confusing, but our staff can help with any administration questions, provide you with expert advice and guide you through the whole process. Since most of our business is conducted with clients from different parts of the world, we know the statutory differences and how to adjust to various local and international laws.

Risk Management

Even when you have covered all aspects of large-scale fastener serial production, you still need to consider some factors. That is why risk management and predicting future trends, market demands and predictions is the next step. Auto Fasteners as a company is in a unique position to advise its partners and clients and minimalise the risk with its thorough market research based on real-life data and numbers. That is why our clients can depend on our risk management techniques and ensure that their products will always be competitive and in demand.

Reduced Costs and Proven Business Credentials

Not to forget, working with big companies like Auto Fasteners also has significant advantages in terms of overall costs and business credentials. As Tier 1 and OEM manufacturers, our standards are amongst the highest in the business, which means that your product will be recognised as such. It will open new business opportunities and promote your designs to car companies and important clients. Of course, being a part of such an extensive system will also reduce operating costs and make the whole process safer, faster and cheaper.

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