Our strategy, that enables us to connect you with the right global manufacturers – at the right time.

Auto-Fasteners has developed a unique strategy for dealing with supplying C-parts, kits, assemblies and all other needed fastener components to OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 brands. It is called the “Global Sourcing – Single Supply” model. It is based on a network of our partners located worldwide and our central hub, which monitors all production processes, deliveries, communications and stock management.

This concept has many advantages over the traditional business model. First, it is far more flexible and adaptive to changes and requests from our customers as well as our suppliers. Working closely with our partners, whether from the ranks of OEM manufacturers or fastener suppliers, we can quickly adjust the overall process to maintain the high standards we have accomplished. Second, this doctrine allows us to supply the needed components in the shortest possible time since our network is global. Fast delivery is always imperative since it shortens production periods and enables the manufacturer to complete the process as soon as possible. Keeping waiting times and idle assembly lines at a minimum is extremely important for our clients and ourselves.

Reduced Costs And Improved Delivery Times

The results of such a unique approach are outstanding. The overall costs of manufacturing are significantly reduced, and delivery times are improved. Due to clever management, careful packaging, and producing kits and assemblies, AF helps OEM manufacturers with already prepared components that are easy to install and save time (money) during the overall production process. However, this wouldn’t mean a thing if the deliveries were late. Fortunately, our hub controls that part of the process as well and makes sure that everything is right on schedule.

Connect with us

We are committed to developing our world-class network of stakeholders across every facet of the business. If you have any questions or queries about our products and services, please get in touch and a member of our expert team will be happy to help.
Auto-Fasteners exists to connect with its automotive customers as a partner, not just a parts supplier. We aim to understand the problems you are facing, to collaborate with you and to help you solve that problem.

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