Core Services

Stock management

Sourcing globally has many advantages, but most overseas manufacturers are not geared up to meet the needs of automotive manufacturing or the aftermarket.

We solve this issue by bringing all products back into our UK hub for redistribution. Here we break bulk, conduct quality inspection, undertake part numbering, packaging, assembly kitting and final logistical distribution to customers.

Auto-Fasteners holds bespoke stock on an individual customer basis, never sharing your stock with other customers. This means we can more accurately manage your stock and re-ordering as demand patterns become established. And because it’s your stock, we can also ensure your products are appropriately labelled and packaged in advance and ready for immediate dispatch.

You are able to draw your stock from us either to an agreed schedule for production or as and when required for the aftermarket. We use EDI data interchange technology to ensure a speedy and efficient flow of information between AFL, our suppliers and your team.

kitting and assemblies

If you require, we are able to supply fasteners or small parts in units of issue quantities or as a kit of parts (ie for servicing or repairs). We do this by manually assembling fasteners and small parts (often from a number of different suppliers) into fully assembled and tested components.

All packaged, branded and labeled to your precise requirements.

International logistics

We exist to get your products to the right place at the right time, and in the right condition. To do this we operate an advanced stock control and order processing system to manage lead times and ordering schedules. Working alongside leading international freight forwarding partners we achieve timely delivery both from our overseas suppliers to our International Distribution Centre in the UK and from the UK to our global customer base.

Our automotive logistics expertise includes:

  • Production Line Logistics – we provide a full just in time (JIT) supply service in accordance with your production schedules.
  • Aftermarket Logistics – we maintain backup stocks in order to handle fluctuating levels of demand enabling us to offer very short lead times, including same-day dispatch to cater for urgent Vehicle Off Road (VOR) situations.

Error-free labelling

Mislabelling is the number one cause of quality-related issues in automotive serial production. Thanks to our adherence to best practice and process and systems error proofing, we are able to minimise such issues every time.

Auto Fastners ensures the right part arrives at the right place.

Product packaging

  • Packaging configuration – you control pack sizes and materials, how and where labels are affixed and how items are inserted.
  • Customer branded following your brand visual identity guidelines, unbranded or AF branded to aid recognition and traceability.
  • Part protection solutions (ie VCI anti-rust paper)
  • User instructions and health and safety advisories

Connect with us

We are committed to developing our world-class network of stakeholders across every facet of the business. If you have any questions or queries about our products and services, please get in touch and a member of our expert team will be happy to help.

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