How Niche & Performance Manufacturers & Tuners Help Drive Fastener Technology

Higher Performance Fasteners

It’s easy to think that Automotive fasteners are lower-tech components that have changed little over the years and are not such a consideration for Automakers. However, nothing could be further from the truth – and in fact, amongst lots of the more niche performance automakers and tuners Auto-Fasteners deals with, the demand for very sophisticated and often bespoke fastener and small parts solutions is high.

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Pushing Performance Boundaries

Performance automakers are constantly pushing boundaries to establish a technical advantage which keeps them ahead in what is a highly competitive and innovative space. The brief traditionally involves conversations about strength and weight, however as ever more sophisticated performance vehicles are being developed, new requirements emerge.

High-performance EVs, for example, can require electrical isolation to prevent electrical conductivity between components. This can mean using fasteners which are non-conductive or with insulating coatings. Likewise, EVs often utilise lightweight materials like aluminium and composites which require fasteners that can resist galvanic corrosion, which can occur when dissimilar metals are in contact. Other considerations unique to performance EV fasteners include very high torque stresses, specific thermal management requirements and unique vibration characteristics.


Some performance manufacturers are developing vehicles which require completely bespoke solutions, in which case they need a fastener partner who can develop and deliver production-quality fastener prototypes. Again speed, flexibility and agility matter, which is why rapid turnarounds and very low MOQ’s are also highly valued.

Environmental Sustainability

Manufacturers rely on their motorsport and fast road programmes as a vehicle for testing and development. This is because of the highly demanding conditions which are encountered as speeds and dynamic forces increase. All components – fasteners and small parts included – need to be able to withstand extreme heat, pressure, shock and vibration.

As new technologies become proven over time, they are often then adopted for use within lower-performance vehicles within the range, the thinking being that if the parts are good enough to perform at the very limits, then they are definitely good enough for use in more sedate mass-production cars.

Auto-Fasteners Niche & Performance Fastener Team

In addition to supplying C-Parts, Kits and Assemblies to the world’s biggest automotive brands, Auto-Fasteners is perfectly positioned to deliver the levels of speed, flexibility and agility sought by niche / high-performance automakers and tuners.

This is achieved thanks to a unique ‘Global Sourcing, Single Supply’ model which enables Auto-Fasteners to connect these companies with the right global manufacturers – at the right time. This approach has been proven to reduce costs, shorten lead times, minimise complexity and eliminate errors.

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