Performance EVs Unique Fastener Needs

When it comes to electric vehicles (EVs), the future is now, every major UK and worldwide manufacturer is currently engaged in EV development or has made the announcement that EVs will be added to their lineup of cars and commercial vehicles.

Electric power has been particularly successful when it comes to high-performance vehicles, with Tesla redefining performance when it introduced the Model S and 3.

Despite some enthusiasts believing that EVs are inferior to ICE cars because they are missing the character and sound of traditional sports cars; even supercar manufacturers are now in on the act. Ferrari currently offers several hybrid models with plans afoot for a pure EV within the next 2 years. Whereas Porsche already has the all-electric Taycan.

Due to the unique characteristics and components of EVs, their fastener requirements are already quite different to those of traditional ICE cars. And when it comes to performance EVs, their requirements can be different again.

Some of the key differences between standard and high-performance EV fastener requirements include:

Strength and Durability – Due to their increased and immediate torque, performance EVs often experience higher acceleration and cornering forces, both of which place additional stress on components. Fasteners used in critical areas, such as suspension, chassis, and powertrain components, may need to be stronger and more durable to handle these increased loads and forces.

Weight saving – EVs tend to be naturally heavier than ICE cars mainly due to the weight of the battery pack. To combat this, performance EVs often prioritise weight saving to enhance agility and efficiency. Fasteners made from lightweight and high-strength materials, such as titanium or advanced alloys, may be used to reduce overall vehicle weight without compromising strength.

Vibration Resistance – Performance EVs can sometimes generate higher levels of vibration and shock during aggressive driving. Fasteners that offer superior vibration resistance and retention properties are critical to maintaining structural integrity over time.

Heat Resistance – High-performance EVs can generate more heat during spirited driving or track use. Fasteners used in areas with elevated temperatures, such as the braking system or powertrain, for example, may need to be heat-resistant to ensure consistent performance.

Precision and Tolerance – Tighter tolerances and precise fitting are essential for performance vehicles to ensure components are securely attached and aligned. Fasteners with high precision and dimensional accuracy are critical for maintaining proper vehicle dynamics.

Aerodynamics – Performance EVs often have aerodynamic enhancements that require specialised fasteners to secure components like spoilers, diffusers, and air intake systems. These fasteners contribute to reducing drag and enhancing vehicle stability.

High-Stress Applications – Fasteners used in high-stress applications, such as securing battery packs or high-performance motors, need to withstand very intense forces and maintain their integrity under extreme conditions.

Track Ready Features – Some performance EVs are designed for track use, necessitating features like quick-release fasteners for easy access during maintenance and repairs between track sessions.

Overall, the fastener requirements for performance EVs are more demanding due to the increased dynamic forces and resultant additional stresses associated with these vehicles. Manufacturers of performance EVs must carefully select fasteners that can withstand higher forces, provide enhanced reliability, and contribute to the overall performance and safety of the vehicle.

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