In the eye of the casual observer, all automotive fasteners look the same. Automotive fasteners (screws, bolts, nuts, springs, washers and clips) are what hold a vehicle together. The durability and dependability of the whole vehicle depend on the fasteners that are used in production. So, the logical question is, what makes a quality automotive fastener?


Engineering Process

Even though the fastener in question might be a simple piece, it still needs a thorough engineering process to ensure it’s up to the task. Take a single screw, for example. In order to make it perfect, engineers need to determine multiple things, including but not limited to:

  • Where it will be used
  • What kind of forces it will need to endure
  • Whether it will be unbolted regularly (for maintenance purposes) or permanently fixed
  • Which type of screw head is best for the application
  • How accessible it will be in conjunction with other parts
  • The specific length or thread pattern required

Those are just a few of a long list of questions that need to be answered before that particular screw is put in production and installed in a production vehicle. Such an engineering process ensures that the fasteners are engineered up to the highest standards and that they will perform flawlessly.

Quality Materials

Of course, engineering means nothing if the materials used in the production process are substandard. Finding the appropriate material for a specific fastener is, in fact, a balancing act. Fastener manufacturers need to find a material that can endure the stress in a number of working situations and that will still be affordable for production and sustainable in the long run.

Material quality is paramount but affordability is also a huge factor. If a fastener is too expensive then it may not be the right choice for manufacturers. At the same time, if the components are made of substandard materials, the quality of the whole car is compromised.

Extensive Testing

The final piece of the puzzle is, of course, testing. This is the point where thorough engineering and quality materials show their worth. The fasteners are tested for forces they are unlikely to be exposed to in regular use to ensure they will perform in the most extreme conditions. The acquired data is then analysed, and changes are made in the engineering or production part of the process. In the world of quality automotive fasteners, testing never stops, and it is a crucial component in the production process.

Quality at Auto-Fasteners

As an automotive OEM, you expect nothing less than 100% zero-defect quality products and services delivered directly to your production lines. Our fully inspected and tested fasteners engineered small parts and assemblies are delivered in approved customer containers, labelled accurately and delivered just in time.

Auto-Fasteners is a highly specialised automotive sourcing, supply chain management, distribution and logistics partner so we have to ensure that quality standards not only apply throughout our own business but also to our network of manufacturing suppliers and service providers. All our manufacturing suppliers work to the automotive ISO TS 16949 standard. In addition, we ourselves undertake annual audit inspections of all our suppliers and actively encourage and support customers to undertake their own quality inspections and audits.

We support both automotive OEM and aftermarket customers across a whole range of segments including car, truck, commercial, motorcycle, construction and defence.

Get in touch today to discuss your specific fastener requirements. Either call us on 01926 814600 or email enquiries@auto-fasteners.com.

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