Auto-Fasteners aligns its core objectives for automotive production line fasteners and small parts supply with the highest industry standards such as ISO TS16949, AIAG, and VDA.


Recognised as a trusted 1st Tier supplier, Auto-Fasteners sets the industry standard for automotive fasteners and small parts supply across the automotive supply chain.

Streamlined Administration

By consolidating a diverse range of products from a single supplier, Auto-Fasteners minimises management and administrative overheads, along with audit requirements.

Legal Adherence

Auto-Fasteners ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory mandates, understanding their implications on customer operations.

Enhanced Risk Management

Simplified sourcing, consistent supplier management, and product/service traceability bolster Auto-Fasteners’ risk mitigation strategies.

Improved Stakeholder Relations

Offering a responsive and adaptable service for automotive production line fasteners and small parts supply fosters strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and logistics personnel.

Proven Expertise

As specialists in automotive production line fasteners and small parts supply, Auto-Fasteners operates in accordance with globally recognised standards, solidifying its business credentials.

Lower Operational Costs

With a single-source supply and streamlined ordering processes, Auto-Fasteners achieves operational and logistical efficiencies, leading to reduced operating costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Consistently meeting customer needs with fasteners and small-part products for automotive production lines underscores Auto-Fasteners’ commitment to customer satisfaction.

Get In Touch With Auto-Fasteners Today

Auto-Fasteners exists to connect with its automotive customers as a partner, not just a parts supplier. We aim to understand the problems you are facing and to collaborate with you to help you solve those problems.

Get in touch with us via our online contact form by giving us a ring at 01926 814600 or by clicking here to discuss your automotive fastener requirements.

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